Celebrity Couples Who Overcame Cheating Scandals

“Scandal” seems to be the favourite word of each tabloid. Everywhere on the front pages of magazines, lies, addiction, sex tapes, arrests and any form of vice are plastered. Brightly coloured pictures and dramatic headlines capture the eye of every prospective buyer. It seems that no scandal is more exciting and intriguing than cheating. Tabloids seem to enjoy an affair’s horror, turning tragedy and heartbreak into enjoyable entertainment.

Affairs seem frustratingly common in celebrity marriages, at least judging on headlines dominating magazines as well as news from the afternoon, and rates of divorce among celebrities are through the roof. Celebrities are significantly more likely to get a divorce as the average American who got divorced by 2014 with more than half of the famous couples who married. As these disturbing stats show, cheating and divorce are a widely accepted part of the culture of Hollywood that makes lasting marriages of celebrity unusual.

Here are three couples who endured a scandal of cheating with the help of God.

Denise and Alan Jackson

Denise and Alan Jackson cheating scandal

Alan Jackson, the country star, was straying from his wife, Denise. It’s a sad start to an all too common story. However, the Jacksons wrote a new ending by adjusting their marriage course. Before Alan was ever a star, the two Jacksons married young and had an apparently fairy-tale marriage.

Things became strained between Denise and Alan once his career began, though. After 18 years of being together, they split in 1997. The Jacksons went through intense therapy and reconciled the following year instead of letting separation turn into divorce as so many celebrity couples do.

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