Celebrity Couples Who Overcame Cheating Scandals

Tina and Teddy Campbell

Tina and Teddy Campbell

Between celebrity couples, Reality TV stars Tina and Teddy Campbell is unusual. They defied the odds and reconciled following cheating on Tina by Teddy Campbell. After Teddy’s affair, the two initially separated but eventually decided to make another attempt at marriage. They received advice and worked successfully through the affair’s pain and betrayal.

Simply breaking the celebrity mould and staying married, the Campbells were not satisfied. They were trying to help others do the same. “We’ve learned a lot on our journey… we’ve already seen the worst, but now we’re experiencing the greatest time, and we think we can also help[ other couples] get there,” said the Campbells. Tina and Teddy see aiding other struggling couples as transferring to the “same platform that God allowed this victorious marriage to see His glory.”

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