Celebrity Couples Who Overcame Cheating Scandals

Sam and Nia Rader

Sam and Nia Rader Celebrity Couples Who Overcame Cheating Scandals

YouTube star Nia Rader was shocked by the news that her husband had an account on Ashley Madison, a website for people seeking an affair. Sam, the husband and co-star of Nia, had a two – year account with Ashley Madison.

The Rader’s were far from being the only celebrities to get embroiled after hacking the site in the Ashley Madison scandal. However, Nia and Sam pushed through the betrayal of Sam. “This is a problem in our past,” Sam said in one of his videos on YouTube. Nia] forgave me the mistake I made when I opened the account. I have been seeking forgiveness from God, and He has forgiven me, so I have been totally cleansed of this sin. “Sam maintains that through the website he has never met anyone faces to face.

Few marriages of celebrities survive, and fewer have been able to overcome the pain and betrayal of trust caused by cheating. But there are couples who have succeeded in saving their relationships. Many celebrities see divorce as just another part of their lives.


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